Soccer Drill – Mind the Landmines

Expansive, fast-paced football is a sure fire way to tear defences apart. But teaching youngsters how to pass-and-move, pass-and-move can be a challenge. The Mind the Landmines drill helps players execute the crisp passing game.

The Basic Idea

Each player runs in their channel.  1 pass to be made per section. The receiver must control the ball, move into the next section and then makes the next pass without hitting a landmine.  They must blow up if they hit one.

Boys stay in their channels and turn around and repeat in the opposite direction which forces the outside players to pass with their other foot.

On completion, players shift one channel right to change centre player.

Field Setup

Mind the Landmines
The ‘Mind the Landmines’ soccer drill teaches players to pass and move in their channels.

Advanced options

To keep the interest going and challenge the players:

  1. Give teams a time limit to beat before all the bombs go off!
  2. Limit the number of controlling touches, say 1 touch and pass (quite advanced!)

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