Soccer Drill – Acres of Space

Main idea

Fluidity on a soccer pitch is key to winning games. The best teams in the world can open up even the toughest defences by using free space on the pitch.

The Acres of Space drill helps younger players think about their passing. Rather than passing to a player – they pass for a player to run onto.  It also teaches this ‘wide’ player how to centre the ball quickly behind would-be defenders so that the striker is given every opportunity to score.

Coaching points:

  • Make sure passes are correctly weighted.
  • This is a one-touch drill. Don’t let the players dilly dally on the ball.
  • Make sure players work on both their good and weak feet.
  • Don’t allow players to jog – this is a pacey full-sprint drill.
  • REWARD each pass as much as the final shot.

Field Setup

Soccer drills - Acres of Space
Meadowridge Association Football Club – soccer drills | Acres of Space


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