Online Resources

Here you will find a number of useful resources to help you throughout the year at MeadowridgeAFC.

The MeadowridgeAFC Constitution – How we run our club.

The International Football Association Board Rules – Your guide to the ins and outs of the beautiful game.

2017 SAFA Registration Numbers – A complete list of players’ SAFA numbers to be used during registration.

CTTFA Ball Sizes – Official ball sizes for each age group in the CTTFA region.

Duration of Games – Official game durations for all age groups in the CTTFA region.

5 vs 5 mini soccer rules – The rules for mini soccer’s 5 vs 5 games.

Football Rules for Dummies – Rules that everyone can understand. You can also download the latest IFAB Laws of the Game here.

CTTFA Disciplinary Handbook – The guidebook for all disciplinary incidents in the CTTFA region.

Official Club Referee Report Form – Referees use this form to report incidents to the CTTFA. See here for a completed example referees report.