Starting out at Meadowridge Juniors

The start of the Junior pre-season training is nearly upon us … and that means a number of new players … and mums and dads. As it says on the cover of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe … ‘DON’T PANIC’.

Pre-season training starts on 6 February. Check the training times for your age-group here….


If you are joining us or are returning to the club – please fill out our pre-registration forms here.

And then turn up … simple as that.


As there are limited spaces available we do undertake a selection based on the players ability over the first few weeks. If you miss the first practise its not critical but you need to arrive as close to the start of the pre-season trainng as possible to be assessed. Bear in mind that existing players get preference, but that should not dissuade you from joining us.

Assessments are done during February and then final selections are made. At this stage if your son/daughter is successful, they will be invited by their respective coach to register at the club.

There is no cost to joining the trials. But you do need to pay the registration fees before you register.

First time players ideally should have boots and shin guards. However, these are not critical for the first few sessions and a set of takkies will suffice if you just want to test the waters.

If you are selected you will need to purchase boots and shinguards.

Must Haves Day One

  • water bottle
  • comfortable/cool shirt and shorts
  • At least a good set of takkies
  • preferably boots
  • preferably shin guards


Parents are welcome to come along and watch practises and we look forward to meeting you and your kids in the near future.




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