Code of Conduct – Players


Meadowridge AFC promotes football activity with the aim of providing our players an opportunity to develop superior Life Skills through team play, sportsmanship, top competition and hard work. Our mission is to provide our players with the opportunity to play football at a competitive level commensurate with their individual ability, potential and interest. An emphasis on fair play and respect for all participants is a primary element of our Clubs mission. To better achieve that mission, we provide a Code of Conduct for Players. This Code of Conduct is a covenant between MAFC players to abide by the rules and regulations of the game as well as to maintain a co-operative attitude and uphold the ideals of fair play and sportsmanship. This Code expresses our core values and goals and it is essential that they be honoured and followed.

1. Demonstrating a positive attitude.

Players, parents and coaches are expected to show a positive, respectful attitude for everyone involved in the sport. Criticism and disrespect for officials, opponents, coaches or supporters undermine the purpose of sport and encourage behaviour contrary to the spirit of the game and the mission of MAFC

2. Setting a good example.

Each person associated with MAFC is accountable for his / her behaviour at all times on and off the field of play. Parents, coaches and other adults should remember that children learn by example – it is up to adults to set good examples.

MAFC will not tolerate conduct that is detrimental to the sport, the participants or the community. Such conduct includes vulgarity by coaches, players or parents; harassment or belittling of officials, coaches or players; verbal abuse, threats or physical violence toward anyone before, during or after a match and the taunting of opposing players, coaches and parents. We require thorough self-restraint by all participants – both players and adults. Teams must exercise appropriate control over those who fail to control themselves.

3. Maintaining good relationships

Officials – The referee’s job is a difficult one. All referees are human and they do make mistakes. Parents or players who believe that their team has been treated unfairly or has been assigned an unqualified referee should speak to their coach after the game. Coaches should inform the appropriate Club officials about blatant officiating problems. Managers should make reports to either the Junior Chairperson or Club Chairman. In accordance with FIFA laws, verbal abuse towards a referee can results in a red card and the ejection of a player, coach or parent. Referees have the authority to suspend play if a coach does not control his players and / or parents / supporters.

Opponents – Players and coaches are required to maintain a sense of fair play and to be respectful of opposing players, coaches and supporters at all times. Sportsmanship begins with respect. Without it the positive competitive environment, which should be a perfect classroom for learning the values of football is completely undermined. Occasionally we will encounter opponents who do not share our values and high standards. If we allow ourselves to be drawn down to their level we will have lost regardless of the final score.

Our Own Team – In an environment where our children are competing not only against other teams but also frequently against each other it can be difficult to control jealousies and rivalries. A successful team resembles a family in that members put their own needs second, behind the greater good of the team. Great care must be taken not to undermine the coaches’ authority. As in most cases parental example is all important.

Players’ Code

It is a privilege to play for MAFC and as a MAFC player I will:

  • Play the game for the game’s sake and not just to please my parents or coach.
  • Be modest and generous when I win, gracious when I lose.
  • Respect the game of football and its laws, learn by those laws and try and follow them and play the game fairly.
  • Work for the good of my team and give my best effort at all times.
  • Show respect for the authority of the referee even though I will sometimes disagree with his/her calls.
  • Show good sportsmanship before, during and after games. I understand that football is a game and that players on the other team are my opposition and not my enemies.
  • Conduct myself with honour and dignity and treat other players as I would like to be treated.
  • Help my parents and supporters to understand the laws of the game so that they can watch and enjoy the game more. I will be sure that they understand that dissent is not permitted by MAFC players, coaches and supporters.
  • Control my temper and not retaliate even if I believe that I have been wronged.
  • I understand that negative posts on social media against MAFC, opponents, officials, CTTFA can result in my suspension and/or my membership revoked.
  • I understand that should I incur a fine for any fouls or transgressions during a match, MAFC is not liable for the fine, but myself as the player that incurred the fine and undertake to pay the fine in full myself. I acknowledge that the club will withhold my SAFA card until I have paid the fine/s and I will be ineligible to play matches.