Positional Thinking

Positional discipline is key to winning games. If players wander all over the park on a whim your chances of devastating attacks or air-tight defence are practically nought. Positional Thinking will help…

Positional Thinking Drill
Positional discipline is at the heart of any successful football side. The Positional Thinking drill helps players do their jobs right!

The Game

Neither attackers nor defenders may cross the halfway line.  Attackers are also limited to their channels, whilst defenders can roam across the channels as required.

The game is played with no keeper and small goals.

Advanced options

  1. All attackers have to touch the ball before a shot can be taken.
  2. Both defenders to touch the ball before being moved forward to the attackers

Soccer Drill – Mind the Landmines

Expansive, fast-paced football is a sure fire way to tear defences apart. But teaching youngsters how to pass-and-move, pass-and-move can be a challenge. The Mind the Landmines drill helps players execute the crisp passing game.

The Basic Idea

Each player runs in their channel.  1 pass to be made per section. The receiver must control the ball, move into the next section and then makes the next pass without hitting a landmine.  They must blow up if they hit one.

Boys stay in their channels and turn around and repeat in the opposite direction which forces the outside players to pass with their other foot.

On completion, players shift one channel right to change centre player.

Field Setup

Mind the Landmines
The ‘Mind the Landmines’ soccer drill teaches players to pass and move in their channels.

Advanced options

To keep the interest going and challenge the players:

  1. Give teams a time limit to beat before all the bombs go off!
  2. Limit the number of controlling touches, say 1 touch and pass (quite advanced!)

Soccer Drill – Acres of Space

Main idea

Fluidity on a soccer pitch is key to winning games. The best teams in the world can open up even the toughest defences by using free space on the pitch.

The Acres of Space drill helps younger players think about their passing. Rather than passing to a player – they pass for a player to run onto.  It also teaches this ‘wide’ player how to centre the ball quickly behind would-be defenders so that the striker is given every opportunity to score.

Coaching points:

  • Make sure passes are correctly weighted.
  • This is a one-touch drill. Don’t let the players dilly dally on the ball.
  • Make sure players work on both their good and weak feet.
  • Don’t allow players to jog – this is a pacey full-sprint drill.
  • REWARD each pass as much as the final shot.

Field Setup

Soccer drills - Acres of Space
Meadowridge Association Football Club – soccer drills | Acres of Space


Soccer Drills Online

Soccer skills

No matter whether you’re coaching in the Minis, are an enthusiastic parent or playing yourself – drills and skills are key to improving your game.

With this in mind – and because there are a number of newbie coaches looking after the mini sides – we scoured the web for some useful resources to help coaches and players alike.

www.SoccerXpert.com is a fabulous collection of drills and coaching resources. The best thing about it is that it’s arranged by age group so you can easily find drills for your players that are age appropriate – whether that be Alien Tag or Ouch.


There are also a number of pretty good pdfs available you can download for free.

Take a look at 300 Soccer Drills written by Tom Sauder or Football Coaching Soccer UEFA A&B Youth Academy Drills which is full of information on warm-ups, technical & possession drills, defending, heading, wing play & forwards and midfield play.


If you prefer video resources check out the Top Soccer Coach. Just beware, it a humbling experience watching kids from Barcelona Academy and others. That said, these sorts of videos can inspire youngsters to work harder on their games.

If you have any other great resources please share them below…